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Last Summer Fl-ut-ter-ance

Monday, August 17th, 2009

We had a truely balmy Medway Riviera evening for our last Fl-ut-ter-ance of this summer, the light across the long grass of the Lines was golden, the sun throwing a long shadow of the memorial…magnificent…as of course were our Fl-ut-ter-erings.  A gentle rounding up of our shared experiences since May and an intention to resume in 2010 ( if not before for a winter Rookery experience)…We shared and Fl-ut-ter-red several thoughtful compositions that were all very different in pace & sound but all sharing a profound consideration of the place and how the phonetics could express something of it through pace, rhythm and voice…immersive and joyful .  Not a Mipit in sight now.  Looks like it’s harvest time for the long grass up there today.  Will post transcripts later